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A pioneering partnership

Greek and Romanian regions were behind the initiative to set up Geographical Commissions in the Balkans and the Black Sea area under the umbrella of the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions of Europe (CPMR). The two Commissions were set up in April 2000 and June 2001 respectively. In 2004, they decided to come together to join forces.

The CPMR Balkan and Black Sea Regional Commission (BBSRC) currently brings together 22 Regions from Greece, Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Ukraine, and Albania. It represents a useful tool and way to address specific issues that are common to the members of the geographical area which are then voiced at the highest European level.

Main objectives : cooperation and stability

The objective of the Balkan and Black Sea Regional Commission is to encourage dialogue and cooperation between sub-state spheres of government. The aim is to constitute a lasting institutional framework to support the integration in the EU in the context of enlargement and -beyond - contribute to efficient and peaceful neighbourhood relationships.

Strengthening interregional cooperation and developing joint projects in sectors such as transport, tourism, environment and economic development are ways of helping to establish peace and stability in this part of the world.

The territorial cooperation objective, which is part of cohesion policy, together with the cross-border strand of the neighbourhood policy, should prove to be suitable instruments to help these projects take form. Other EU instruments may contribute to these processes: Connecting Europe Facility, Erasmus +, maritime fund...

The aim of the CPMR Balkan and Black Sea Regional Commission (BBSRC), as stated in its Rules of Procedure (view), is to act as the political voice of the CPMR Regions situated in the wider Balkan and Black Sea area with the following principal objectives:

Enhancement of dialogue and cooperation between all regional authorities of the wider Balkan and Black Sea area and further cooperation between its members

Promotion of integration or close cooperation of the Balkan and Black Sea regions with the European Union

Identification, promotion and participation in cooperation programmes that boost the achievement or pursuit of its objectives

Participation via consultations and proposals to inter-state structures of the wider Balkan and Black Sea area.


The Acting President of this Commission is Mrs Christiana KALOGIROU, Regional Governor, North Aegean. He is assisted by the CPMR General Secretariat based in Rennes. The headquarters of the Commission are located in Kavala, Greece.


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